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All are welcome. The Aloha spirit means coming together in unity and goodwill, with a spirit of generosity to others.


The Aloha spirit was the underlying theme of Barack Obama’s rise to the White House and it is the theme of our Aloha Inaugural Ball. When Barack said there are no conservative states or liberal states… just the United States of America….that message of Unity touched a powerful cord with the American public. It was a statement reflecting the principles of Aloha.

The Aloha Inaugural Ball will be a welcoming place for Americans with different backgrounds from ar ound the country, to come together in Unity and to have a wonderful time. It is being organized by Obama campaign volunteers, some who are originally from Hawaii.


Aloha Inaugural Ball Committee:


Gloria Borland – raised in Honolulu, Navy-brat, Radford ’74. Used to work for Senator Dan Inouye, currently an independent TV producer in Washington, DC. Produced the soon to be released documentary film “An American Boyhood: Barack Obama in Hawaii”

Mike Siegel – raised in Iowa, currently an economist in Washington DC. Mike was an early supporter who worked the Iowa caucus for the Obama campaign.

Skip Kelly – a Washington TV producer with a documentary film “Believe: The Barack Obama Story” to air on TV One.

Stephanie Lipscomb – the Treasurer of the Aloha Inaugural Ball Committee. She is a Vice President at Adams National Bank, Washington, D.C.


Online Service Provider:


John Loggins – born and raised in Hawaii, St. Louis ’80. Currently a web designer and photo researcher working in Washington DC (he designed this site). John was an early volunteer for Barack Obama, he canvassed for the campaign in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Virginia.www.darumamedia.org